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farewell to LIE TO ME

I'm sorry to report that LIE TO ME has been canceled by FOX.

I've really enjoyed the show: I thought the pilot was terrific, I thought the first two seasons were composed of wonderfully performed, sharply scripted stories with a great sense of moral ambiguity matched with a conflicted and passionate hero in Dr. Lightman. Dr. Lightman isn't the most originally conceived detective, but he's certainly one of the most compelling. Samuel Baum and Shawn Ryan demonstrated amazing skill at creating compelling, dramatic, threatening situations where Dr. Lightman's skills could bring out the truth.

It's sad that the show is over now, but at least we didn't end on a cliffhanger where we'll never know if the gang survived the Lightman offices being blown up or something. We ended on a strong note for the characters: Lightman admitted his love for Foster. The future of LIE TO ME now belongs to us -- those who love the characters and will continue to discuss the situations and stories and maybe create our own.

I urge all fans of LIE TO ME to not be satisfied merely with watching their DVDs. Dr. Paul Ekman's work on facial expressions and microexpressions is a fascinating lens into the human mind and how it reacts to stimuli and circumstance. LIE TO ME made me start reading people's faces, paying attention to their pain and happiness, paying mind to the emotions they guarded and the feelings they exposed. Watching this show and reading Ekman's books made me more empathetic, more concerned for others, and it also opened the door to giving me the skills to act appropriately.

I'm still not great at reading microexpressions, but LIE TO ME made me realize that I could at least better understand facial expressions. LIE TO ME changed my life, and I think that's the power of art: to introduce and immerse an audience in new ideas and concepts and to show the power of literacy, knowledge and experience.
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