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About the new FOX show Lie to me with Tim Roth and Kelli Williams.


lietome_tv - The lj community for FOX' new midseason show Lie to me staring Tim Roth and Kelli Williams.



1. This community is for the show Lie to me. No offtopic posts. There are lots of communities out there, please make sure to utilize the appropriate one.

2.When posting more than one picture, pictures wider than 500px, not work safe pictures or anything that contain possible spoilers, please make use of the lj cut. When posting more than one HiRes image, please use thumbnails.

3. Don't promote communities, that are in no way related to Lie to me or any of the actors on it, here.

4. Please try to check, that what you are about to post has not been posted only a few days before. It's not necessary to go back to the very beginnings of the community, but lets not post the same few questions every week.

5. Please do not specify fonts or font colors in your posts. At best that's just annoying, at worst it makes posts unreadable, when your font color happens to be somebody else's journal background color.

6. Use common sense and all should be good.

About other questions, concerns or suggestions, contact one of the moderators via LJ message or email. Thanks!




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